23 Facts to know about Gun Control in United States

23 Facts to know about Gun Control in the US

23 Facts to know about Gun Control in the US

Gun Control in United States of America – There is doubt about that United States of America is a land of guns. As we can see lots of peoples has been died every year in the US by gunshot only. School children’s, college children’s, men’s, women’s everyone get died because of these gunshot.

Several times we heard a killer did a mass killing in the schoolyard and in college yard. This violence involving firearms are widely spread in the whole country.

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Today I am going try to discuss the facts about gun control in the US (United States).

  1. The US contribute 5% of the total population of the world. But over 50% peoples in this civilized country owns a gun legally. But this country has a ratio of more guns then peoples illegally.
  2. Most of the deaths happen in the US are because of suicides. In most of these suicides are happens from guns only.
  3. Most of the homicide deaths are happens in a poor neighborhood of US.
  4. A large amount of guns in the US are found in Chicago where it is difficult to find a person without a gun.
  5. Most of the people who are involved in crime and killing people are from the small area of US. Those peoples who died and who killed are mostly from some gangs from the US.
  6. In the US, if somebody is a victim of gun violence can increase your own life chances to become a victim.
  7. Southern state areas of US are most affected with the gun violence. These region peoples are affected by this gunshot in different ways than other areas of the country.
  8. In rural states of America, white males most like to commit suicide while black males are dying due to the shooting.
  9. Owning a gun increases the chances of your death due killed by someone else gun shootout or by suicide by gun.
  10. In the year 1999, only 27% of peoples were buying a gun for their protection while the data of the year 2013 shows 48% people owning a gun for their-self defense protection.
  11. Gun Control Law? There was a terrorist named Andres Breivik killed the 77 students during the summer camp.
  12. Incidents happened in Tasmania in the year 1996 where a 28 years old boy named Martin Bryant shots and kills 35 peoples. After that Australia passes a strict law for gun holders and then people start giving their guns to government authorities. After that, there is no mass gun attack happens in Australia.
  13. Do you think gun control works? In general words, yes. But I don’t think its worth because 80% of the mass shootings are done by those people who bought the gun legally.
  14. Expert researches believing that if US stop the mass shooting then they have to make a policy like Japan where 100% guns are ban in general public.
  15. Since this mass shooting is not going to stop that’s why most of the countries are focusing to make effective law for gun control.

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  1. Many experts believes that handling and tackling the inequity and poverty in the country can help to control gun crime in the neighborhood countries too.
  2. The US is known as an unusually violent country where we can saw most of the violence happens in the specific area of high crime neighborhoods.
  3. There is good news, in the last 42 years; death rate due to gun shoot has declined to 50% now.
  4. Those are having home ownership and the younger people are reporting a decrease in guns.
  5. Gun violence in US failing rapidly. No one likes to carry a gun in shopping and get killed by security.
  6. Peoples of the US also want to get rid of guns, and you can see this in the opinion pools where people give there to make restrictions and tough law for buying guns.
  7. Guns owners in the US are declining overall and people start protesting against the gun law.
  8. If you want to relax your mind from gun then you should also get rid of guns.

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