Body Chemical Calendar Discovered By Scientists – A Must Read Article

Body Chemical Calendar Discovered By Scientists – A Must Read Article

Body Chemical Calendar Discovered By Scientists – A Must Read Article 

Body Chemical Calendar Discovered – Which month is good for filling your loving ones in the arms and in what month the money should be saved. Or in which season will it be easy to lose weight or which month may be helpful in fulfilling the desire to find love.

Do you think that every changing season makes a difference to the choice of your diet and health. This was investigated by the scientists of the University of Toronto and made a calendar of body walking according to the weather and food. It has been told a specific month for every work.

Scientists have told that this happens due to weather or changes in the activities we do or eat. The difference between sunlight and vitamin D is very different.

Head of the team of scientists Dr. Andrew Lim said that this is due to chemical changes in specific hormones and brains in our body. The level of vitamin D is also the main reason.

Body Chemical Calendar Discovered By Scientists

Body Calendar 


The brain becomes more creative in the winter. You can take a new and small resolution and stick to it.

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There is a great time to save money. You can get good benefits by investing money in various investment options available in the market. Like mutual funds, govt. bonds, life and health insurance etc.


Spring season relieve sadness and depression. Green tea should be used. The levels of vitamin D and antioxidants in the body will increase.


People are more stressed with the sun’s bright light. Eat more fruits and vegetables, drink fruit juice to get relief from stress.


You are getting happier with the sun’s rays. Give yourself 15-20 minutes in the evening. Stay relaxed and do meditation to get positive energy.


In June, you can feel the increase of serotonin in the body which helps in increasing concentration. Take a pencil in front of your eyes and start focusing on it. The body will feel relaxed and it will give you more energy. (Note: You can choose other props or trick for mediation).

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Hormone cortisol decreases in this month. Spend some time with friends. You can go somewhere to roam with them. Increase the social network too.


Your performance is the best this month. Should start learning something new this month.


A Light cold weather will make you feel more energetic. Make a list of the tasks you were thinking about and start to complete them.


Cold atmosphere increases the desire for love. Go to dating and move one step ahead to find love.

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After the rain, you can lose weight. Exercise and run for it.


Control your stressed hormone cortisol. Hold your loving ones in your arms. This will reduce cortisol.

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