Here is How Physical Therapy Helps Athletes Relieve Pain & Regain Strength

Here is How Physical Therapy Helps Athletes Relieve Pain & Regain Strength

Here is How Physical Therapy Helps Athletes Relieve Pain & Regain Strength

Relieve Pain & Regain Strength – Whether you are a boxer, soccer player, runner, marathoner, cyclist, or ice skater, you remain vulnerable to sports injuries. No matter how experienced a sportsperson you are, you will always have to focus on your fitness and follow the rules of the game to prevent injuries, Relieve Pain & Regain Strength.

However, if you are a young athlete, it’s vital for you to discover the risk factors for injuries to avoid injuring yourself every time you hit the playground.

According to NCBI,Understanding and identifying modifiable risk factors for injury in the young athletic population is a critical first step in injury prevention. Risk factors vary by sport, age, and sex.

Sports injuries such as fractures, dislocations, tennis elbow, knee injuries, ankle sprains, hamstring strains, shoulder injuries, or shin splints, etc., can have a devastating impact on an athlete’s career.

Sports injuries not only prevent athletes from participating in the competition but also kill the careers of some of them.

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A study indicates that in the US, an estimated 30 million children take part in organized sports, and a lot of them end up injuring themselves. The growing participation of students in sports activities is increasing the cases of acute and overuse injuries.

In the absence of right guidance, a lot of athletes end up taking steroids to increase their performance, which affects their health in a big way in the future.

According to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, a lot of young athletes take back-market anabolic steroids to enhance their performance. Although it’s true that they boost muscle mass but they also lead to life-threatening health problems; therefore it’s better to avoid them.

So, if you are also someone who is planning to take steroids to improve your athletic performance, it’s better to avoid this idea.

No matter how ambitious you are, you should never think about opting for short-cuts to strengthen your fitness because that doesn’t work in the long run.

Rather than taking steroids to strengthen your fitness, you should seek the help of a physical therapist to Relieve Pain & Regain Strength.

Benefits of Physical Therapy for Athletes

Improves Fitness

Whether you are looking forward to strengthening your muscles, ligaments, bones, or joints, physical therapy is the best solution for you. Your therapist will design an individualized exercise program to meet your needs after evaluating your physical fitness.

For example, when it comes to strengthening your muscles, your therapist might suggest cycling, climbing stairs, squats, lifting weights, sit-ups, and push-ups, etc.

However, when it comes to increasing your flexibility, they might ask you to perform piriformis stretch, triceps stretch, standing hamstring stretch, butterfly stretch, and lunging hip flexor stretch.

Your physical therapist will teach you each exercise that they incorporate into your care plan. For getting good results, it’s essential for you to perform those exercises effectively.

When people start doing stretching and strength building exercises without any guidance, they end up injuring themselves. Therefore it’s better to rely on a physical therapist.

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Relieves Pain

Sports injuries such as groin pull, ACL tear, shin splints, and tennis elbow, etc., not only cause a lot of pain but also reduce the performance of athletes to a great extent. However, if you seek physical therapy from a licensed physical therapist, you can see a world of difference in the reduction of pain and discomfort.

According to MMA & Sports Rehab in Arlington, VA,”The right physical therapy can effectively treat your sports injury to get you back to your activities pain-free and safely.

Your therapist may use techniques like dry needling, sports taping, and manual therapy to reduce your pain. For example, if you are struggling with a shoulder injury, your therapist might use sports taping to offer quick relief from pain.

Sports taping not only helps in relieving pain, but it also offers that much-needed support to your joints and the muscles surrounding them. Once your therapist applies the tape to the affected area, it starts activating by body heat and improves circulation, which helps in providing the necessary nutrients to the affected area.

However, if you have a back injury, then your therapist might use manual therapy or dry needling to relieve the pain.

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Accelerates The Healing Process

Physical therapy techniques help in increasing the ability of your body to heal naturally. Because they are excellent for enhancing circulation, reducing swelling, and relieving pain, they eventually accelerate the healing process.

Whether you talk about manual therapy techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, neuromuscular techniques, or dry needling and sports taping, they all provide reliable results when it comes to accelerating the healing process and also helps by Relieve Pain & Regain Strength.

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Prevents Injuries  

Seeking physical therapy is also a great way of preventing the healing process. Since it helps in increasing your flexibility and range of motion, it eventually decreases the risk of injuries.

It means people with a flexible body are less likely to receive injuries. Your therapist incorporates the right exercises to strengthen your muscles, ligaments, tendons, and bones, which not only improves your athletic performance but also increases the ability of your body to fight with injuries and illnesses.

So, if you want to improve your overall well-being, make sure you seek physical therapy services.

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