Alcohol- Symptoms, Causes, Side Effects and Treatment

Alcohol- Symptoms, Causes, Side Effects and Treatment

Alcohol- Symptoms, Causes, Side Effects and Treatment

When a person is physically or mentally dependent on something then that condition is called addiction and this can be of many things like- Tobacco, Cigarette, drugs or Alcohol. These days new types of symptoms or addiction which founds in peoples are Internet, Whatsapp, Facebook, porn videos, pictures, and stories. These are also very dangerous.

Today we will discuss causes, symptoms, and ways to quit alcohol or alcohol rehab process.

Alcohol Addiction-

This is a serious problem which has unlaced the society in its trap. Alcohol addicted people get distraught when they are incapable of having alcohol. They make various kind of excuses for getting and even don’t hesitate in a speaking lie, stealing or doing any offense.

People consume alcohol is different ways, some people drink it occasionally and this does not create a mess for anybody. On the other hand for some people, alcohol becomes a big trouble in their life and only alcohol is important in their life.

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This cause many physical and mental problems but even then they can’t get rid of it and it’s the big demerit of alcohol. Causes of consuming alcohol are as follows:-

  1. Amateurishly:-

Most often people drink alcohol because of their erotic desire or pressure from friends on marriages and business parties etc. or some people find alcohol a medicine for relief from family and other stress in their life. Among these people, some don’t need to drink again but some of them get addicted to it. They don’t know when they got addicted and when they understand this then it is too late to come out of this.

  1. Heredity:-

If parents are alcoholic then there are many chances that their children will also be like them. So it is good to avoid drinking at least in front of them only if you want to make then a good human being, if not then you can carry on whatever you are doing.

  1. Environment:-

The atmosphere at home plays a great role in alcohol addiction. If family members drink and same is in surrounding then the child grows watching all this, which increase the chances of drinking alcohol in their children’s too.

  1. Easily Availability of Alcohol:-

In our country where most important things like mil and water are difficult to get but alcohol is easily available which increases alcohol addiction in the peoples. The government has to take strict action against consumption and usage of alcohol, but I personally think that this cannot happen as they are paying good amount in taxes and giving a good bribes to politicians and to police officials.

  1. Depression:-

Most of the people drink alcohol because of the tension and monotonous routine of life. But there comes a time when alcohol itself becomes the biggest tension of their life.

  1. Consumption of Alcohol at Early Age:-

A person who starts drinking alcohol at an early age then he/she most likely to be getting addicted to it. Which is really not good for them and for their family members to..

  1. Publicity of Alcohol:-

When someone watches his favorite hero drinking alcohol in various advertisements shown on TV, Youtube and other visual platforms, which attracts people towards alcohol. Alcohol companies are incapable of promoting their brands directly then they start promoting these through CDs, music songs, and videos or by soda water and this allure people toward alcohol consumption.

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Harmful Effects Of Alcohol Addiction:-

Drinking alcohol in a small amount can change our mood. Some people say that doctors also suggest them to drink 2-3 glass of alcohol. But how many people are there who control themselves at only 2 glasses? They don’t know when 2 glasses converted into 4 glasses or into 1 bottle of alcohol. This affects them physically, mentally, financially and socially.

  1. Physical Loss:-

Drinking excess of alcohol can cause acidity, ulcer in the stomach, swelling in liver (hepatitis), liver cirrhosis, hypertension, diabetes, and many heart diseases. Our bones start getting weaker day by day. Moreover, it also results in mouth, stomach, esophagus or pancreatic cancer.

  1. Family Discord:-

Alcohol can lead to family disputes and problem. When a person is drunk then he/she often fights with family members and children’s. This creates a bad atmosphere in the house. Sometime drunker kill their family members in intoxication.

  1. Social and Financial Damage:-

A drunken person also creates issues at his workplace. He starts absenting from school or college or from office work or from his own work. That person does not like to work anymore and also do not like anything which is nearby. A drunken person just likes to drink and more drink, sometimes they put other peoples lives in danger by driving, and accident in other peoples, which can kill that person too. Lots of incidents like happening always around the world.

Drunken person reputation starts loosing and capacity to do any work decreases. An alcoholic person creates many problems in a person life and in his/her family member’s life too. They often break rules and police have to arrest them. It increases the chances of stealing, lying or doing offensive works. Their day begins with alcohol and ends with alcohol. By not doing any work cause them financial instability and this condition go worse when they do not have money to buy more alcohol. Then they do not hesitate or feel shame to sell their properties for just drinking more alcohol.

Alcohol addiction destroys a person physically, mentally and financially. A drunk person becomes vicious.

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Symptoms of Alcohol Addiction:-

People often do not accept this thing that alcohol has become the biggest problem of his life. Instead, he starts blaming other people for his problems.

Following are some symptoms through which we can easily guess that person is dependent on alcohol.

  1. More Alcohol Is Needed To Get Drunk:

A person does not get drunk with a small amount of alcohol, that drunker person needs more and more alcohol. In this way, drunker start increasing his alcohol from small quantity to huge quantity. 

  1. Withdrawal Symptoms Of Alcohol:-

If the person is not able to get alcohol just because of some reasons or want to quit drinking then that person will face so many problems like anxiety, irritation, shivering, insomnia, nervousness, fatigue, loss of concentration in life. In severe condition h can even become unconscious and there are chances of heart attack. 

  1. Feeling Cut Down to Alcohol:-

If a person is unable to reduce his consumption then it is also the symptoms of alcohol addiction. 

  1. Regular Use of Alcohol:-

Alcohol addicted person continue drinking even after knowing this, that it can be harmful to his health and life physically and mentally in both ways.

A Poet Has Said So Beautifully:-

Who drinks for pleasure.

We drink because we have to. 

  1. He feels embarrassed because of his habit of drinking.
  1. He gets irritated when someone stops him from consuming alcohol.
  1. Starting a day with alcohol.

A situation comes when a person starts drinking instead of reducing his night hangover with gargles which is critically dangerous for him. A person with more symptoms is facing severe problems.

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Ways to Quit Alcohol Addiction

If a person does not drink regularly, or he is not drinking from a long time, motivated toward leaving his habit of drinking then he can be successful by doing below written practice of giving up on alcohol.

    1. Strong desire to leave alcohol.
    2. Avoid the company of people who encourage the use of alcohol.
    3. Throw out the empty bottles of alcohol.
    4. When you feel like drinking then try to take your meal at that time.
    5. Take sufficient amount of water or minerals in the daily routine diet.
    6. Start doing meditation and yoga.
    7. Go for Sona bath occasionally.
  1. Healthy Diet- Add milk, curd, fruits, green vegetables, sprouts, juice etc. in your diet. Go for a walk in the morning and evening. Do regular meditation, yoga, and exercise.
  2. Change your routine:- If you have a habit of drinking after finishing work then start interacting with your family members and spend some time with them. Listen to them, tell something about your routine. It will make you feel lighter and helps you to forget about drinking.
  3. Don’t give up:- If you are unable to quit drink then try harder. Remember these words of some motivational guru- Those people never loose, who tries.

Ayurvedic ways to quit alcoholic addiction

Amla, Giloy, Kalmegh, Aloe vera, Harad, Asparagus, Fennel Seed, Tulsi, Neem etc. can be used for reducing the consumption of alcohol. Moreover, these are given after noticing the physical or mental condition under a doctor’s prescription.

Apple juice parsley, fennel seed, dates etc, are also helpful for reducing the addiction to alcohol. But the person must have to avoid alcohol while taking them in a diet.

Home Remedies For Alcohol Addiction

    1. Alcohol addicted person should keep raisins in his pocket and whenever he feels like thirsty then can eat 2-3 raisins. This is very helpful in decreases the desire for alcohol.
    2. Rub some grains of dates and mix them with water to prepare juice. Consume this 2-3 times a day. This is very helpful in reducing or quitting alcohol.
    3. Dip approximately 250 grams of parsley in 4-5 liter of water for 2 days then took this at low flame until it reduces to 1 liter in quantity. Then put this in a bottle after cooling. When a person desires to drink then take 4-5 spoons of the mixture. Regular use of this can help the person to overcome his habit of drinking alcohol.
    4. Cut a ginger into small pieces and mix some amount of lemon juice in it. Add a small quantity of black salt. Keep this mixture in sunlight so that the mixture would dry completely. Take these pieces in your pocket. Whenever a person feels like drinking alcohol or smoking, eat one piece of it or start sucking. This can helps in quitting alcohol.

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Steps Taken By Doctors In Treating The Problem Of Alcohol

  1. Detoxification:-

Many problems arise if a person is consuming alcohol for a long time which is also known as withdrawal symptoms.  Suddenly giving up of alcohol can cause shivering of hands and feet, sweating, nervousness, anxiety, insomnia etc. in some severe cases, drunker also faces seizure, confusion, and unconsciousness. In this situation, doctor need to stay near the patient and give them various kind of medicines and motivate the person to get rid of this situation.

  1. Counseling and Behavioral Therapy:-

When there is a decrease in withdrawal symptoms then doctor start counseling that person. Because there are many bad changes starts coming in his behavior. This helps in bringing positive in a change in the patient.

  1. Rehabilitation:-

When a person is failed in leaving his drinking habit then he admitted to de-addiction center or rehabilitation center under doctor’s care. Their patient is treated against alcohol addiction. Following are some reasons for admitting a person into rehab center when alcohol controls the life of a victim.

Sometimes patient start consuming alcohol while taking medicines too which out very bad effect on patients body and mind, then symptoms like seizure and confusion can be seen in the patient.

  • Regular use of alcohol can badly affect heart, liver, and kidney.
  • When a person suffers from hypertension, heart disease, and diabetes.
  • There is a need for keeping patient away from his family and moreover when he needs individual or group therapy.

So, friends, these detailed about alcohol Symptoms, Causes, Side Effects, and Treatment. I am sure now you understand how to help an alcoholic person. Now share it with your friends, family members and on social media, so that you can save some more precious lives.

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