Know about 7 early morning sex benefits you may not know before

Know about 7 early morning sex benefits you may not know before

Know about 7 early morning sex benefits you may not know before

early morning sex benefits – (Think about this that after doing hard work whole day when you and your partner is coming back to home and in the night you and your partner feeling exhaustion and cannot even think about having sex in the night).  I personally do not ever want to think this.

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These types of scenes can be seen in most of the house these days. Work pressure, bad eating habits, too much family and financial stress are responsible for that situation. Even the research shows that if both the partners are working are not getting interested in sex before these days.

Then why not do sexing the morning? It is also true in the morning you and your partner both are getting ready for your office/work. Now you will say we don’t get proper time for breakfast in the morning then how can we do sex in the morning?

Now I am going to tell your something that latest research also shows that sex in the morning had a lot of health benefits for both of your partners.

Here I am going to share 7 reason why doing sex in the morning is good for health.

  1. Grows interest in sex:- In the morning you both feel fresh that’s why you can enjoy the sex to its extreme. Early morning sex improves the blood circulation in the body. So it is good for you to grow some interest in early morning sex.
  1. Glowing skin:- Early morning sex had this one benefit that there is a hormone names estrogen flow increases when you are having a sexsession which makes women’s skin more shiny and it glows more.
  1. Safety from heart attack:- Doing early morning sex reduces the blood pressure and when pressure is in control then it reduces the risk and possibility of Heart Attack. So if you want to stay safe from heart attack than start humping and pumping in the morning.
  1. Treatment of stress and depression:- Scientist found in the research that if you are having sex for long time in the morning than it will help you to get rid of stress and depression because there is a hormone names oxytocin start flows in brain which helps in reducing stress. So whenever you found yourself in stress or in depression just forget medicines and do 1 sexsession to reduce stress (he he).
  2. Saves from paralysis:- You know sex in the morning reduces blood pressure and it also make arteries thin which reduces the chance of getting paralyze attack.
  1. Improves the immune system:- Early morning sex grows immunoglobulin which increase the growth of immune system and your fights with diseases and infection more stronger than before.
  1. Helps in reducing weight:- You can burn 300 calories per hour by doing early morning sex. It is good to reduce weight without doing any morning exercise or physical program. Sexercise is best for you to reduce weight too. So if you are thinking about reducing weight this could be the best exercise for you. Have Fun…

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It is not just about the 7 health tips or tricks from the help of early morning. It is also about the bonding, love, care and affection between 2 of the partners.

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