5 Tips to Attract Your Partner

5 Tips to Attract Your Partner

5 Tips to Attract Your Partner

Time is changeable. New fashion becomes old fashion and old fashion becomes new fashion again. These things can happen between 2 lovers or between 2 partners too. In new relationships everything working well and both love and care each other but after sometime their attraction towards each other starts decreasing. If you think your partner is not taking interest in you these days. You can start follow these 5 below written tricks to maintain your relationship.

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  1. Do Talk:- If your partner starts ignoring and not talking much with you. Than try to talk with him and talk about the previous happy days and ask about the reason for ignoring and try to change yourself. By this you will find same love, care, strength and happiness again in the relation.
  1. Leaving Alone:- Most of the time we see girls calling their partner so much on mobiles and asking them about every minute of their living. This put unknown burden on the partner and so he start feeling irritation and ignoring the girl. So it is good call very less and talk only sensible, do not call without reason. It does not matter if you are free than other person will also be free on his place.
  1. Listen to him: If you are not happy from your partner than sit with him somewhere and ask about the problem he had. Listen him carefully and try to solve his problem and help him. Sometimes man also need care and help. I am sure this trick will make your relation stronger.
  1. Avoid fights and Arguments: Arguments and fights shows how much strong is your relation, but it also does not means you doing this all the times. If you are unhappy from your partner tell him the reason so he can change his behavior. If you are not going to tell the problem than how other person will know the problem. If he  or she knows the problem I am sure he will change himself.
    1. Find the reason: You both have to find the reason what is going wrong with your relation and if you seriously want to live in relation than must solve the problem otherwise it is better to leave other. Wasting each other’s time will never make any of you happy. Start to resolve your issues and live happy life again.

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Love and relation is not just about attraction towards beautiful bodies. It is for those who love each other from inside their heart and soul. Those can understand you will never hurt you intentionally. But if your partner does not want to live with you in relation that’s means he/she is feeling bored from you and might find new one, so it is good for you to leave that partner.

You can also take relation advice from any experienced relationship consultant and consult about your relations problems and can learn how to save ending a relationship. I am sure it will also helps you about how to save your relationship

Love for me is forever the same till the end of the life in any situation, what about you?

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