5 Dishes You Would Never Like To Eat

5 Dishes You Would Never Like To Eat

5 Dishes You Would Never Like To Eat

You will find food buffs that you like somewhere. And so and such people do not like any pausing for a favorite food.

But do you know that there are some such foods that you do not like to see if you want to look away? But where people eat them, they eat a lot.

These are dishes in which food is cooked by rotting, it can be beneficial to rinse the food. Scientists have also admitted that eating rotten food reaches good bacteria in the intestines.

However, I am going to tell you about the five dishes which I have eaten on the first and last time on different occasions. So, what are you especially in these mines?

Live and Weeping Cheese (Rotten Cheese Recipes)

Many people like dishes made from cottage cheese. Therefore people like pizza, burger etc. also like extra paneer.

For vegetarians, cheese is the best choice for chicken-mutton instead.

But there is a dish that is completely crushed with cheese. It is razed to such an extent that insects fall in it and one type of liquid comes from it.

A dish of cheese called Kasu Marjoo is found in the Sardinian region of Italy, which contains live insects. According to the European standards fixed for health and hygiene of people, it is forbidden to make it. But these dishes are considered good for appetite.

The worms in it can jump up to 15 centimeters. Therefore, the person who eats this cheese needs to eat it in such a way that these insects do not bounce into the eye and nose.

People who cannot eat with live insects can use paper bags. Put this dish in a paper bag and turn it off.

The worms will start sprouting and after a while, they will die of oxygen deficiency and it can be taken with dead insects.

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Urea Fish

This kind of situation comes when you are trapped in a place where there is no food.

Like if you are stuck on the island and you are in water and water around Greenland shark.

Then you will feel what is the biggest thing in it, you will catch them and eat them.

But it’s not that easy.

The meat of shark found in Greenland for humans is fatal because it contains more urea content.

People first hold them, cut their heads apart from the body, and bury the head without the body in the sand.

Many stones are planted where they are buried so that they do not have other animals to eat.

He is left till he does not rot. Then it is removed and cut into pieces and for some months it is left to rot.

Ammonia is high in this. Many people take it along with local brandy, which is called ‘plague’. Well, the main thing is to swallow both immediately.

But those who do not have much time to wait can buy it directly from a supermarket on the island.

Famous Breakfast

When food is rotten in the food, it is normal, then why should not the beginning of morning be eaten by rotten food.

Natto is Japan’s traditional food.

It is made from fermented soy, that is completely rotten and slept. As its smell and flavor only tell.

It is very sticky and it looks like the same kind of insects arises due to the infections of a three-year-old baby’s intestines.

This is Japan’s most famous breakfast.

The most smelly dish

Many dishes are more prevalent than their odor. There is such a dish that its smell makes it special.

According to Japanese team scientists who compare the odor of a variety of foods, it is impossible to find more smelly food than Barnstorming.

Therefore it is advisable to eat it out of the house so that its stench in the house is not spread.

The way to make it was found in the 19th century, Barnstorming is considered a wonderful invention.

At that time, it was rotten in a bowl with a herring (forage fish) in a bowl. After some time, the method of making it was further improved and the hearing was destroyed in a sealed closed box so that it could rot further.

During this process, bacteria form prop-ionic acid and buttery acid along with hydrogen sulfide. Many times its decomposition becomes so much that even the blast is blasted.

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Age Old Eggs

If the eggs are kept in coolness, they can walk for a few days but have ever heard – 100 years old eggs – 1000 years old eggs or sometimes even older eggs. People in China eat eggs for months or even years.

If you have not heard, take duck eggs and cover them with quicklime or calcium oxide and wrap them with cellophane so that oxygen can not reach.

Now put it in a dry place for three to six months, where it is not cold. However, there are other ways to do this.

As soon as you eat it, you will start the smell of ammonia. Its taste is its peculiarity.

But by doing so you can keep the eggs for years but not for thousands of years.

5 Dishes You Would Never Like To Eat

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