32 Ways To Prevent Drug Addiction

32 Ways To Prevent Drug Addiction

32 Ways To Prevent Drug Addiction

Due to addiction, you may feel like there is no hope of being better. But no matter how bad the habits are, you can get rid of them with your firmness and patience. Let us talk about the reasons for leaving it because it will help you to remain strong during the whole process. Create a good plan and get help from the counselor to prevent drug addiction and support group and start your own life without drugs.

Method 1 – To Leave

  1. Decide To Leave:

To defeat addiction, you need to aim to leave it. You will not be able to do all this at once, but the goal will help you to decide on your next step.

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  1. Make A List Of The Harmful Side Effects Of Addiction:

By creating a specific list of how this addiction is having negative effects on your life, you can get a good start to change your behavior. Instead of writing the effects of addiction to ordinary words (“It’s ruining my life” or “I’m not able to reach my abilities”) or write how your life has changed since the introduction of drug addiction. You might be shocked to see all these things written on the paper, but this list will help you move step by step and get rid of addiction.

  1. Write How You Feel Physically:

You know that you are accustomed, if you stop taking it you feel the symptoms of quitting. The symptoms of quitting are exactly the opposite of that emotion, which you feeling drunk. If you feel energized when you are drunk, then you feel very tired and anxious when you leave. On leaving you may feel sick and you have to keep using it to feel normal.

Keep a description of how you feel and how your addiction affects you. It is up to the drug you are using that can cause you skin, limbs damage, tooth problems and other physical problems. Even if the physical effects are subtle, such as losing weight or fast-moving aging marks on the face, all these things should be written immediately.

  1. Assess Whether You Are Ignoring The Responsibilities:

Addicted person may overlook work, family or other duties such as laundry, house work, car maintenance, bill payment etc.. The life of addicted is reduced to addiction, intoxication, emergence from its effects, and taking more drugs, that becomes its routine. There is no creative or experimental use of addiction. This is a mandatory intervention that is necessary to bring it to the end.

Write how often you are late for work or school. How vigilant you respond to your responsibilities.

Think about whether there is financial impact on you due to addiction or not. Write how much you spend on it every day, week, month and year.

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  1. Think About How Many Days You Can See Your Family Or Friends.

Stay away from family and friends, because you are under the influence of intoxicants and you do not even need anyone around you. With this practice your family members and friends can be amazed how and why you behave like strangers.

The frequency of drinking or drug use can be contradictory. These are all symptoms of addiction.

  1. Accept If You Are Lying To Others Or Stealing Something:

Lie to other people, especially the closest relatives and friends, or steal something. There is no unusual thing for drug addicts stolen and selling stolen valuables for the payment of drug money. Due to addiction does not only have a bad effect on your body, but the thinking also changes and it can also be ready to steal the belongings of others.

Lying is dependent on the different types of intoxication, which people who take it, feel.

  1. Remember When The Last Time You Did Your Favorite Work:

Maybe you have left all your habits and interests, because your full attention is just drunk. Try to imagine that just as soon as the drug, you give time for hobbies and other personal interests (like rock climbing, dance, gathering things, photography, playing instruments, learning another language and anything else).

The person who can pay constant attention to his hobbies cannot be involved in any chemical addiction.

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  1. Honestly, How The Drug Is Affecting Your Life:

Even if it affects the school, work, legal system, family life, relationships and health, people continue to use drugs. Most people are shocked by the arrest and they start thinking about their life again. But people addicted to drugs or alcohol forget about such situations or these memories fall short in their minds and they return to bad habits again.

You can be arrested due to DUI (driving in drunken condition) or use of controlled substance.

Your relationships can get in trouble or may fail. If you are accustomed to addiction, then family or friend do not want to stay with you.

  1. Write Positive Changes On Leaving Your Intoxication:

After writing negative things, focus on how well your condition can be after you get rid of the habit. How much will your life change after addiction. You will reduce or eliminate many of these negative habits and you will be able to make positive changes.

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Method 2 – Help of a Professional

  1. Get Help From A Doctor To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Get help from a doctor who specializes in reducing chemical addiction. Professional experts can advise you about treatment options regarding specific drug addiction.

The doctor will then advise you to see the detox facility under medical supervision. If you are dropping alcohol, opium or any other drugs, then it is very important. Abandoning their addiction can be dangerous for life.

  1. Check The Rehabilitation Facility To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Barbiturates, methamphetamine, cocaine, and cakes, benzodiazepines, and alcohol withdrawal are all responsible for the hazardous, anxiety for life and reciprocating in the situation of cocaine and crack. Failure of the limbs can be due to stroke and unconsciousness and discomfort. To combat the physiological effects of drug addiction, detox can be done under the rehabilitation facility.

Even if the person does not have the consequences of leaving life, but there are some other side-effects, which can make it difficult to quit, such as anxiety and sleeping disorder etc.

Feeling the symptoms of quitting is part of the process that keeps you in the cycle of addiction. The best way to emerge from this is to get the help of a professional to deal with the effects of leaving the drug.

Upon arrest, your probation officer may allow you to seek treatment during a period of prison. Take advantage of this opportunity.

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  1. Start Looking For Counselors:

Successful treatment, like many other treatment programs centered on chemical addiction, involves singles and group consultation. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can help you understand the way you think, which prevents you from falling into the cycle of drug use.

The counselor can also use persuasive interviews to find out about your commitment to change.

Take advantage of your doctor or rehabilitation facility to find a specialist consultant in drug addiction counseling.

  1. Be Prepared To Help With Different Aspects Of Life:

To get rid of drug addiction, you will need help in many parts of life. Because the effect of drug addiction falls on every part of life. Be prepared to seek help for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual skills.

Take help from family members, therapists, life coaches, job coaches, fitness coaches, financial consultants or any other type of specialist to get back strength in the desired areas.

Method 3 – Joining Peer Based Support Group

  1. Locate A Local Peer Based Support Group:

Facts reveal that such people who have a good support network, their success in recovery is better. The 12-step self-help type program is the most popular PEAR support in the world Program is.

Alcoholic Anonymis (AA) is a very famous program. There are 12 distinct steps in the AA and the other 12-step program “which is the guideline that changes the entire personality.” Narcotics Enoins (NA) supports people to emerge from the habit of drug.

There are other peer-based groups that offer better support, such as Smart Recovery. This group has a 4-point program, which talks about all kinds of addictions and constraints.

Do not be afraid to try several options before finding the best option.

Find Alcoholics Anonymous Narcotics Anonymous Website to Find Local Support Groups.

Addiction is a disease, which alters the brain structure and functioning. When you know that you are suffering from any disease, you can understand your addiction very easily.

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  1. Work With Sponsor To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Many peer-based support groups provide sponsor for new members. Sponsor helps recover the person from addiction through the steps of the recovery program.

  1. Help Others In Your Support Group To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Support Group will help you to realize that there are many more people like you. They also feel embarrassed and frustrated just like you. Supporting them and receiving help from them gives the feeling of being right and responsible.

Method 4 – Dropping Old Habits To Prevent Drug Addiction

  1. Plan Your Day To Prevent Drug Addiction:

To leave behind old habits, you have to plan your every day. This will help you to create a new routine, in which the drug will not be included. Make a routine in which you want to accomplish small goals such as completing a school, making a family or going to work. You have to make healthy interests, which will not only keep you away from the habit of drug but will also help you to meet your life’s goals.

  1. Keep An Eye On Daily Tasks To Prevent Drug Addiction:

It will help you to know what you have achieved throughout the day. Create a simple daily planner. Keep track of what you need to complete daily, and check them later.

If you stay somewhere, then who can help you in this, write it. If you do not have a friend or family, who can help you in doing this list, take that list to your counseling session and talk to your counselor or psychiatrist to overcome your difficulties.

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  1. Be Honest With Yourself To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Another part of breaking old habits is also to be honest with your own commitment. Wherever you go, there should be honesty in whatever you say. People with the use of drugs and the place will drag you again and again. Good plans and strict honesty are essential to succeed in this.

For example, do not tell yourself to go to some place where you want to try your power. Do not think that showing a person where you used to drink was a good thing. These are just methods or tips to take yourself back to the use of drugs. Do not allow the victim to fall into these tricks.

  1. Be Patient To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Believe that there is emotional connection and engagement as well as physical longing for the drug. You may be in trouble for that use. This reconciliation takes time and if you continue to move according to your recovery plan then you can be successful and you will succeed.

  1. Keep People Who Support You Around To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Take a support of your own people who can help you get rid of drug addiction. Family members  and friends want to help you make you healthy.

You can also choose people who have gone through a similar situation. They can help you achieve the goal.

Choose people who do not drink drugs or alcohol, so that you can save yourself from being in a position attracting you.

Method 5 – Keep Body And Mind Healthy

  1. Exercise Regularly To Prevent Drug Addiction:

By exercising regularly you can tolerate the stresses coming while leaving the drug addiction.

It is a good idea to join a gym or get help from a personal trainer. This will help you to improve your health.

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  1. Get Help From A Nutritionist To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Get help from the services of the nutrition specialist available in your neighborhood or in your city hospital. Good food and drink can be better to bring your body back to its old healthy state. Due to the use of this drug, the damage done to the body can be compensated.

  1. Do Yoga To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Yoga is a type of meditation and exercise that can be beneficial for your body and mind. To cope with the stress caused by dropping drugs or alcohol addiction, it can be better for 15-30 minutes a week.

  1. Try Meditation To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Meditation can be a good way to manage stress and focus on breathing and body awareness. Meditation is a good way to keep yourself calm in order to deal with the desire to use drugs or alcohol.

Find a comfortable and quiet place to sit for 10-15 minutes.

Focus on your breathing and drag breath into the depth and fast.

Thoughts come from your mind and go away without any decision. Focus on your breath back.

  1. Take The Acupuncture To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Acupuncture is an ancient healing method, in which needles are placed on the special pressure points of your body. This method will help you to overcome long-term symptoms and problems.

Ask your health insurance provider if there is a consolidation under the policy.

  1. Contact The Consultant To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Continue counseling until you need support. You can take your family along with you to overcome problems.

Method 6 – Take your daily life without drugs

  1. Plan To Live Without Drugs To Prevent Drug Addiction:

How to deal with the craving of the drug in this plan, it will be included. Along with this, all these things will be included, how to deal with boredom, disappointment and even the neglected so far. Living without drugs is a good lifestyle. It is a part of every aspect of life (such as relationship, work, socialization, allegation, interaction with others etc.).

Consider how you will work to overcome the habit of drug from these aspects of life.

Write these thoughts on how you will handle stress conversations, social interactions and other similar situations.

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  1. Make A List Of Your Goals To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Write the goals you want to complete. These little things can happen, like everyday bath and nutrition food and drink. You can also make big goals, like finding work or going to a dentist.

Keep track of the progress of these goals every week. Also note the small target achievement. You will see improvement and progress, which will motivate you to move forward.

  1. Use Surfing To Face Deficit To Prevent Drug Addiction:

If you think you are going to experiment again, then try using Surfing. It is a brain-fighting technique. If you face pressure, it will help you. By recognizing and accepting the request, you will be able to get rid of them.  Be conscious of whatever thoughts you feel.

Rate the amount between 1 to 10 (1 less willing to up to 10 times intense desire). Wait 10 minutes. Engage yourself in some work, such as cleaning your car, making a list or washing clothes. Check the level of wish. If you still feel a high level of urgency, then engage yourself in any other work.

  1. Stay Away From People And Places Involved In Drugs And Alcohol:

Do not go to places where you take or use drugs. Do not be compatible with people who drink alcohol or other drugs. This will help you to quit addiction.

There are many places where your drug or drink habits will not be attached. You can also create new hobby, such as rock climbing, knitting, hiking or gardening.

  1. Job To Prevent Drug Addiction:

Keep yourself busy in the job, even if this is part time. This will help you to improve yourself because it will also give you income.

Save job payments by depositing it in the bank.

If you do not want to work, you can also become a volunteer. Learning from other people will help you get back on track.

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  1. Focus On Creating A New Life To Prevent Drug Addiction:

After the bad times have passed, your body and mind will not think much about leaving the intoxication. Then put your time into new life, just as you want. Improve the relationship with the people you love, work hard in your job, include yourself in the hobbies and return to the good old days.

During this time, you should continue to meet your support group and the therapist. The process of leaving the drug is not immediately completed, so if the work starts to improve, do not declare yourself right.

Advice/ Suggestion

After first coming out of any addiction, it is very common to get rid of habits. If you stop taking the drug from the date of your departure, then treat the problem even before the problem is out of control. If you go back before you are done, do not be too strict for yourself. You can do this again. Identify the mistakes and start the process again. It does not matter how much time it takes to leave it, it is a complete struggle.


There is a need for strong will to emerge from any powerful addiction. Drug abuse can affect the person’s physical and mental health. Get help from a professional to remove yourself from this situation.

If you search for a doctor for your drug habit, then this description can be seen in a medical record. In some situations such details may be illegal. This can be the reason for job or insurance in the future. Continued Use of Restricted Drugs You may be more at a disadvantage. If you are guilty of illegal disclosure, then seek help from the lawyer.

Leaving the addiction of drugs can be dangerous and also life-threatening. Make sure to get a medical professional opinion before detoxing / chemotherapy.

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