27 Ways About How to Talk to Your Wife or Girlfriend about Oral Sex

27 Ways About How to Talk to Your Wife or Girlfriend about Oral Sex

27 Ways About How to Talk to Your Wife or Girlfriend about Oral Sex

Many men consider oral sex as a sensual and intimate part of Lovemaking, but this is not with women, not all women are ready to do it or to accompany them, they are not talking about their fears and assuring them that they do not have any difficulty in it. Getting started on this topic can be a bit uncomfortable or strange, but still talking with your partner freely on the intimate topics, helps you build trust and intimacy between you, then even if he/ she disagrees with your thoughts in the beginning. Asking them is the first step, but keep in mind, there are some more rational and open ways to do this.

Method 1 – Respectively Reach This Topic

  1. Together, Talk About Your Sex And Fantasy Related To Sex:

Teasing or starting to talk about this topic can be quite awkward for you, but once you both judge each other, if you agree not to do it, then it can be a very fun and happy convergence also.

Which fancy or style do you like? Which silly, but sexy ideas fill you with passion? Do you have something similar in both? Remember, this is not a very deep or serious convergence, but in the convergence between the two of you, one brings the intimacy, which leads both of you towards discus over oral sex. Could:

Make a list of such five dream placements where you want to have sex, even if none of them are just fictional or fun places.

Together, talk about any of your fantasy or secret designers, ask her too. If you find a way to keep both of you happy, then it will increase the expectation of this convergence to move forward even further.

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  1. If You Are Still Looking For A Way To Reach Oral Sex, Then Start Slowly By Completing Your Sexual Adventures:

If you want oral sex, but it may be that things are moving very fast now. So, start with some small adventures first. Focus on foreplay, which is a safe way to take small rigs and learn even more about each other. Check out some dirty talks to make a compatible fit with both of the body, to do the whole body of each other. Once this threshold is crossed, then even oral sex will remain just a small subject between you, and perhaps a more natural next step will also become.

  1. Regularly Talk About Each Other’s Sex Life:

If you are in a committed relationship, it can not be that, you should talk only once on sex and then returning to it again, There should never be anything between the two of you above it. And why would you do this too ?! Regardless of whether or not this conception is about oral sex, but still to improve the relationship with each other, talking about each other’s sex life and being aware of it, it is very important. it happens. Apart from this, if you talk about sex in such a manner openly and truthful between the two, it will make it easier for you to get rid of oral sex issues.

Once you both become compatible with one another, then do you have other such things (oral sex or something) that you want to see once? Also, ask the same question to him.

When the turn of sex comes, do not be ashamed of it. Some such questions, “Nowadays what you think about our sex life,” will be a good start to talk to her.

Method 2 – Talk About Her Feelings

  1. Tell All Your Desires In Very Simple, Open Words:

When you both start talking about sex, then do not make any rule in front of him, nor can he explain it in oral gestures. If you want to get the same treatment from him, then you have to talk to him openly. Remember, your sex life is also shared with them, not your own alone, and doing it is not just the work of her alone, you are also involved in it.

“I am looking for ways to involve more and more oral sex in my life.”

“I feel that if we are both comfy, then we should also try to have oral sex.”

“I really enjoy going down on one another, and I will do my best to make it an even more important part of my sex life.”

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  1. Listen To Him Without Giving Any Comment On His Thoughts:

Giving him the full time, then, whether or not he may not even talk about it, even if you want to listen or not, even then listen. Actually, listen to the partner who expresses thoughts and concerns. Maybe he or she does not have many things to say and it may be that, whatever they say, they do not look good. You have presented your desires and even if he refuses, but he will know what you want, what you want. It will remain in his mind and if you do not do anything, just support him, respect him and understand him, then he will start to trust so much in himself.

Remember, if you can do something, then that is to tell your wishes – you will be honest about your desires and that will do the same.

  1. Remember, That Your Sex Life Is Not Just Your Alone, It Also Has An Equal Participation In:

“If you do this, then I will clear the vessel throughout the week” say or keep such conditions, for your sex life cannot necessarily make trust and love whatever is happening in the bedroom, both of them have a consensus and not a service was given by them, which they simply try to do good in their work and then do not make any difference to it.  That’s what the job is. If you want to feel her worth and feel comfortable, (and it is more likely to get a similar status for you), do not think of it as just a transaction – it is a convergence between you understand the way.

  1. Understand, why the appeal of oral sex from your side can be sacked on behalf of your Bibi or Girlfriend:

Oral sex for some women can be quite a scary experience. Some women seem to feel like they are having some problems in the air supply and they feel uneasy and start feeling completely suffocated. By doing so, they are putting themselves in a very uncomfortable position and it is necessary that you understand this. In some women’s mind, there is a fear of allowing any hurt to their partner or doing it wrong.

Without full sexual relation, as a result of all these activities, a sense of anxiety, helplessness, and restlessness arises in her mind. If you ignore his concerns completely and only focus your attention on your wishes, then by doing so, you are not able to make it as comfortable as possible from anywhere.

Ask him why she is so scared of oral sex and be prepared for his answer too. Remember, there are many other types of sexual acts that you do not know, and in doing so you can be uncomfortable.

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  1. Ask Her How You Can Make This Experience More Pleasant Or Comfort For Her:

There are so many ways that can help you make things better for both of you. Maybe, she likes cleaning a little more of your grooving or hair, or it may be that before bathing it, so it is better to take a shower to clean it once. Maybe, she is also trying to talk about oral sex to you, and she wants you to do so with her. Regardless of what the reason is going on in her mind, but unless you ask her, you will not know anything.

Would you like to start with sex first and then do something else? Oral sex is a very intimate act, and if you value your sex life and keep it away for a while, then it is also possible.

  1. Understand This That Oral Sex Is Not A One-Way Job:

Boys can do this with girls too and if you want to include oral sex in your relationship then you also have to be comfortable in oral sex. Not only is this a great way to keep him comfy, but also to gradually add to that new thing in his shared sex life, to include any new thing, always start with just that side There is also a way to do it.

Never use oral sex as a passive forward bargain – “I did it, now you should do the same.” This is not only fairly disrespectfully, but by doing so you will not be able to make it incomprehensible in any way and will not be able to include oral sex as a permanent part in your relationship.

Method 3 – To Move Forward Together

  1. Rather Than Keeping The Sex Very Serious And Funny, Try To Keep It Very Light And Fun:

Ignore all such movies, in which sex is presented as a very serious, powerful act. This is most of the time, especially in a committed relationship, sex is a flow, it is often a bit weird and has such a fun activity that only you share both. It’s a matter of keeping a light-hearted attitude here, you might be looking for unnecessary advice, but for all those people who want to keep doing something new, it becomes possible only when they start to laugh at the point of view or on a strange thing.

If you want something in that movie, then tell it! This is a good way to prepare a conflict, trust and share life in a well-stocked way.

If something goes “wrong”, then just smile! If something is a very stupid job, as you do not know how to fall on the bed, do not be afraid to laugh in such a way – it will not make any difference in the mood.

Successful sex life is always meant to be calm and comfy, and laughing at partner makes both become more compelling.

  1. Now That You Have Talked To Him About Your Mind, Do Not Make Pressure On Him – Let Him Start Oral Sex With You After The Discharge Done By You:

Just because she starts having oral sex, neither you have to keep the demand to do it in front of her, not to be angry with her or to make any pressure on her, especially at that time, when you are having some tension in this matter between the two of you. You have said your thing and she has told her mind, and that is why there is no reason to put pressure on her here. When she will be ready, she will start her own.

If you have discussed above oral sex in your relationship, without any changes, so many weeks or months have passed, then you should see this convergence again in a quiet, reluctant moment.

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  1. Rather Than Making Oral Sex A Big Issue, Think About Adding It Slowly To Your Sex Life:

It is not that all oral sex should be compatible. To make it more consistent, add oral sex to the foreplay, then gradually reach a position in which both of you are more naturally complementary. By doing this, you will help him in finding his conflict level, Aligning the convergence and finding a level of compromising with you.

  1. By Letting Him Choose One Of His Own Style And Speed, Let Him Control His Body:

He should be completely safe. Make sure that she should know that if you catch his head or her hair during such an intimate relationship, then you will keep complete control on your behalf so that you can be confident in her head and cannot harm. It is okay to hold her hair or keep his fingers on her head or shoulders and it is also necessary for that obsession, but still, you have to confirm it by doing so with softness and making her a comfortable feel.

Even if that seems to be uncomfortable and wants to stop immediately, even then it does not matter. Remember, any such woman who does not like to have oral sex, these first steps will help her to go further and make her comfortable.

  1. Ask Her After Sex, What She Liked Or Whether She Would Like To Try Again Next Time:

This is not a thing that you should always do after sleeping together (it will be very soon an old thing), But you should make a comfortable decision to talk with each other about sex life. After doing this, when you are talking and wrapped with each other, ask her what she liked. Find out, if there are some things that can do without it, and confirm that it is full of light and laughter. You both are a couple and chances are that after each meal you both have to talk about the method of making it – then there is no reason for sharing this kind of openness after sex.

If she has just begun to understand about oral sex, then ask her how much she has absorbed it! With your silence, she will feel like she has done something wrong or something very useless, and she cannot do it properly, so it is better not to do it.

  1. Remember, All Of These Are Very Intimate Act And They Also Take Some Time To Happen:

If you talk to her with love, confidence, openness and intelligently, then both of them can become a mutually shared and mutually satisfying experience for partners. is. Your sex life is a continuous, living part of your relationship, and if you pay attention to it well, then it will also grow. Keep talking, continue to love and be honest with her and will see how happy you both will be.

Understand this, that if you talk honestly, then you will not be able to take anything up. Her disagreement about the oral sex or her reluctance does not mean that she does not love you. Rely on its response and instead of panic over anything, work together to get it right together, to correct it.

Unlike oral sex, there can be no reason to break up with anyone, but there may be a lack of sexual compatibility. Confirm that both sides are ready to listen, comprehend and work together.

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  1. Understand This, That Your Partner May Not Always Like To Have Oral Sex:

Different types of people come in excitement due to different types of sexual activity. Just because you have spoken to her and she has listened to everything, and everything else has done, it does not mean that you have to “expect” her to fulfill your wish after an instant. This is also applicable to you. If she tells you to do something that you do not enjoy, then you have no need to force it in any way, even if you have not asked so well about it. Respect her decision. She does not even need to have oral sex just because it is your wish.

Method 4 – Trying To Fulfill Her Desires

  1. Try Many Efforts As You Try To Discourage Your Oral Sex:

Try talking about oral sex does not just mean talking about your needs. Being a couple, you have the responsibility to help each other’s sex life to be interesting, it means that, while talking about oral sex, you have to keep your own questions, Also ask her what she likes.

“When I come down to you, do you like it?”

“Is there any way that we can both make our sex even more exciting?”

“I want to include more oral sex for both of us in my bedroom – what do you think?”

  1. By Giving Talks About His Needs, Take The Reins Of The Discipline Into His Hands:

This is not the time to put pressure on your desires and needs, it is time to listen to it. Oral sex is something that a partner does for their other partner, to relax them and to give them different happiness. This does not mean that you do not have to attach it, nor do you have to make a compliant feel (you should, of course, do this), but before coming to your own comfort zone, you have to think about his happiness.

If she is uncomfortable with oral sex, then ask her why she is so uncomfortable with it. Usually, all women feel that their vagina is “dirty” or “embarrassing” thing, and no boy wants to go there. Assure her that this is not at all.

Is there such a thing here that she does not like? Things like they love?

  1. Be Honest About Your Desires, Concerns, And / Or Hold And Go Forward:

If you want to be sincere on his side, to be honest about his feelings, then you have to do the same. It is not so, that all people should be equally compatible with oral sex, and there is nothing wrong in it – that is why you are talking with him. It is important to help him in oral sex, before that you also remain comfortable. This means that you have to admit, if a part of oral sex flips side-by-side, makes you uncomfortable, or if you want to start moving it down often.

What is it that is out of your limits?

What is such a thing that you want to do in the future or join?

What do you feel about oral sex?

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  1. To Learn, First Try Oral Sex As A Foreplay:

There is a lot of pressure to give your partner pleasure through oral sex, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Instead, do warm up for things that you are already comfortable in doing before starting oral sex. Both of you will be ready to do something new, and then gradually you will start doing even more intimate act without any pressure on anyone.

  1. Pay More Attention To Her Feedback In The Act:

She alone is the only person who will be bad if she feels good or bad when she has a good fight, so listen to her! Give her the assurance that if she likes doing something else, she can tell you, as it is the only way to know the way that works according to her body. Even the most important thing is that whenever she likes work done by you, then talk about giving her a hint to get her attention to doing more of her choice.

Listen to her voice, ah and body language too. To get a better experience, do not forget to focus on herself, not on yourself only.

If she is not able to talk to you during sex or is unable to make a comfortable feeling in giving feedback, then fix a simple gesture – maybe she feels good, ties her hair tight or if you have not enjoyed much work done then you can tap on her shoulder.

If she enjoys something, keep doing it. Giving happiness to your partner, not as hard as chess games – just do whatever works, whatever it is!

  1. Always Ask Her Consent Before Moving Forward In Anything, Especially If You Have Never Done Anything Before:

New positions, experiments, and tricks are often part of the sex, but this does not mean that you should start doing them all of a sudden! It does not mean asking her about her thoughts, that you are ending the mood or going to stop sex in the middle – you can easily make it a foreplay or a dirty talk (such as “I really do not know ______ want to do this? Would you like it, baby? “). The exchange of ideas is a moving process between two people who love it, not the one-time convergence, but it will help to keep both of you in the same position on the bed. If you want to include oral sex in your sex life, then say this first:

“Would you like to, if I ________ do?”

“Do you want me to do it?”

“I’m going to do _______. Tell me if you do not feel right!”

  1. After All, Ask Her What Part She Enjoyed:

Good work to start it, that will be what you feel you have done right, ask him, “did you like that when I did __________ “Or” Would you like to if I keep repeating __________? ” Do not put pressure on her to give a reply – sometimes it happens, that she is lost in sex so deeply, that she does not understand anything worth explaining about what she likes and then what you liked – But still asking her, it is a good way to tell her that her happiness is very important for you.

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Advice | Suggestion

Always be well prepared and keep your private parts very clean. If you do not always take care of your cleanliness and are not prepared well, then your partner will always be worried about your cleanliness.

One thing to remember, that your wife or girlfriend is not a porn star. Porn stars are professional, and they are very experts in these activities, but your wife or girlfriend is not like that. Do not make expectations because of what you see in porn.


As with oral sex, there is much more safe against circumcision and other acts, yet it can cause sexually transmitted disease (STD). Whenever the fluid gets transferred from the body, the STD is at risk of spreading.

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