24 Valuable Tips To Be A Good Father

24 Valuable Tips To Be A Good Father

24 Valuable Tips To Be A Good Father

Becoming a good father is not easy. It does not matter what your child’s age is or how many children you have, you need to know that a father’s work never ends. As a good father you should always be together, be a good disciplinarian and inspiration, and your child should also be sympathetic for every small need. If you want to know what to do to be a good father – just follow these 24 Valuable Tips To Be A Good Father.

Method 1 – Stay Together

  1. Take Time For Your Children:

It does not make any sense to your children that you are on a large scale in your company or how many responsibilities you have on them just mean spending time with you. The one whom he cares about is that whether his father comes home during the evening, do he take him out on Sunday, or spend some time watching him with his favorite movie . If you want to be a good father, then you have to keep your children aside for some time every day – or at least every week – no matter how busy you are.

Add these moments to spend with children in your schedule. Your children may like to spend time with you on certain days such as Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays. Take time to pay extra attention to those days and do not let other commitments go in the way.

If you have more than one child then you should take the time to look at each child individually, so that you can develop your unique relationships with them.

If you are so tired that you are unable to prepare yourself to play with your son/ daughter, instead of going out in the house, do something else with them, such as looking for a basketball game or a basketball based movie or what ever thing your children like. It is important that you have some capacity with them.

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  1. Stay With Them In Their Memorable Times:

To keep your relationships strong, “Father Time” is a great way to try every week, try to be together in the important times of their life. Arrange your time in such a way that you are together on the first day of your child’s school, your child’s first big sporting event, or your child’s high school graduation level education.

Your children will remember these moments for a lifetime, and your time being there is very important for them.

When your child is touching a milestone, maybe you are very busy at that time, but if you lose this opportunity you will regret it for the rest of your life.

  1. Teach Important Lessons To Your Children:

You must be present to educate your children to fulfill the basic tasks of life. And, you can help your child learn to clean teeth properly, use a bathroom, learn to ride a bike, or when to driving on time. You can teach your son to shave and maintain good health. You will need your children to learn from the smallest tasks of everyday life, the greatest lessons of life.

Share These Lessons With Your Wife:

Both of you, your children, teach important things for their development in life, which they must know.

Help Your Children To Learn From Their Mistakes:

If they do something wrong then it is better to kill or scold them, try to know why they did this and talk to them that they should not do so in the future so what to do needed.

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  1. Develop Strong Relation:

It is very important for you to attend important moments of your children’s life, and therefore be able to communicate with your children, when you are there. It is not necessary that you always walk out and walk with your children – you just focus on enabling them to communicate with them to understand their concerns and struggles.

Make sure you check with your children every day so that you know what they are worried about, what their week is like, what is going on in their minds.

In fact, without the desire to know the answer to this question, do not ask as a little superficial “How was your day?”

If your children are in adolescence or students of a busy college then they may not want to discuss your day’s details with you. So just make sure that sometimes you ask them so that they even feel that you care about them.

  1. Make A Plan To Travel With Your Children Outdoors:

Being a good father, you should take the time to travel with your children, with their mother or traveling without you. You can visit an annual fishing trip with your daughter or a beach along with your son or visit a camp that your children can never forget. Try to make whatever you do, make a special, memorable one, which can be repeated at least once a year so that you can develop a fun father-centric routine.

If the mother of the children is present during this tour, then spend some time to make a relationship with the children.

Planning this kind of travel in advance will give your children the fun and opportunity to look forward.

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  1. Take The Time For Yourself:

However, it is very important that you stay with your children, but when it is possible for you to “take my time”. Whether it is Sunday afternoon, do your own wish, or run for half an hour every morning, or read a good book before sleeping every night. You have kept your children’s interests at all times, but never completely ignore yourself.

If you do not take time for yourself, you will never be able to feel full of comfort or rejuvenation for yourself, and you will not be able to give time and attention to the children of whom they are entitled.

You can have a special room or chair in your house, where your children know you should not bother. Help your children to understand the idea of ​​”my time” and tell them that unless they really need you, you are going to do your own duties for a little while.

Method 2 – Being a Reasonable Disciplinarian

  1. Properly Reward Your Children:

Being a disciple does not mean that you punish your children for making a mistake. It also means that whenever your child does a good job, then reward him so that he is encouraged and wants to repeat this behavior. Whether they got them directly or not, help with the difficult work of their younger brother/ sister, or become so mature that keep yourself away from the quarrel. You tell them how proud you are to them, take them out to eat in their favorite restaurants or do whatever you want, to tell them how much you appreciate their good behavior.

When your children are small, rewarding them with affection helps them in a long time to understand how much you feel proud.

However, occasionally bringing children out to eat or bring a toy for their good behavior encourages them. Encourage your children to eat out or bring a new toy for their good behavior. You/ your reward should motivate them because you have taught them to differentiate between good and bad.

Do not reward your children for the things they are expected to do, such as doing household chores, or cleaning their own belongings. If you do this, then he will understand that he is obeying you.

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  1. Properly Punish Your Children:

Being a fair disciplinarian, you should punish your children for their mistakes. This does not mean that you become cruel in physical or mental form – it means that you tell your children what they have done wrong and make them aware of its consequences. When your children grow up to understand the reason, they themselves will understand where they made a mistake.

Be sure that you and your wife agree on punishment for children. If the mother or father sees the wrong actions of any children, the result should be the same. This will help you avoid sharing in “good soldier, bad soldier” types.

  1. Be Equal:

In case of rewarding or punishing children, stay alike; This means that whenever your child is abused, the penalty should be the same every time, even if it is again uncomfortable, you are tired or you are out in public space. Be there and if your child does some great work, do not forget to feel special about it, no matter how tired or stressed you are.

If you are not the same, then your children will know that your reaction can be influenced by your mood.

  1. Shout On Children:

You can feel angry with your children’s behavior, but shouting is not a solution. If you want to shout then shout if you are under the shower in the bathroom alone, or on pillows in the bedroom. But do not scream at children, no matter how much they urge. To tell them that they have made a mistake, you can raise your voice a little, but if you scream, they will scare from you and will not want to talk to you.

However, this can be difficult, but you will not want your children to see that you lose control.

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  1. Do Not Be Violent:

No matter how angry you are, you should avoid beating your child, hurting yourself, or holding your child tight. This will hurt them physically and emotionally and they would like to avoid you at all costs. If your children think that you can be violent then they will not want to stop working and stay close to you. If you want to get respect from them, then you have to stop this violent form from appearing before the children and their mother.

  1. Fear And Love:

It is important that your children are a strict disciplinarian and you can not pull them out loud, but it is also important that they want you to love and affection and have a wonderful time with you. Want to build relationships. To be a good father, you will need to draw a line between implementing a difficult lesson and making your children feel loved and appreciated.

If you are very involved in looking very scary, your child may not feel comfortable talking about you openly.

If you are very involved with seeing your loved ones, your children will see you as a pushover who does not let the law down.

Method 3 – Being A Good Inspiration

  1. Take The Lead While Presenting The Example:

If you want to lead by example, your motto should be “what I say and as I do”, so that your children know that you are mistaken for teaching the wrong way are not happening. If you want your children to behave according to your expectations, they will first want to see positive behavior from you. Here are some ways you can lead by example:

For example, if you do not want your children to smoke or drink more than you need, then you do not do them in front of them or at any time.

If you want your children to deal with people with kindness and respect; So they want to see your basic respectful behavior for a waiter in a local restaurant.

If you do not want your children to fight; So you should do that you should never quarrel with their mother in front of them.

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  1. Be Respectable With The Mother Of The Children:

If you want to be a good inspiration, then you should respect the mother of the children. If you are married then you should show how much you love him, how much you help him, and how much you enjoy with him. And, If you behave badly with your wife, your children will think that it is right to treat the mother or someone else because the father does this.

Treating mother with respect means that you care for the children and share the duties of the household with your wife.

Let your children see how you praise their mother and give love and affection; Whom he deserves.

Not only do you respect the children’s mother but love her and nurture love, fun and relationships. If the children’s mother is happy, then everyone is happy.

If you and wife have been divorced then never say bad about their mother to children, even if your relationships are not good. Show less respect to their mother will make your children tense and confused.

  1. Accept Your Mistakes:

You do not need to be clean to be a good inspiration. In fact, it is better that you are not clean, so that your children will see that there is no cleanness and everyone makes a mistake. If you made a mistake; like if you forgot to bring a child late at school or lose your temper, you should apologize and you should say that you know you have made a mistake.

If you swallow your ego in front of your children, then they will see that it is also right for them to accept their mistake when they make a mistake.

By accepting your mistake, you make your character better than “do the right thing”.

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  1. Help With Household Chores:

If you want your children to help you in your household chores, you help yourself in household chores, no matter how hard your work demands from you. When they see you working; Cleaning the utensils, cleaning the kitchen counter, and cleaning the carpet with vacuum cleaner, they would also like to help you. If your child thinks that the cleaning of the house is only “the job of a mother” then it is unlikely that they will help you when the time comes.

Helping household chores not only will please your wife, but by doing so, your children will see that you work as a team and they too would like to be involved.

  1. Earn Respect From Your Children:

Honors are not taken but earned, and you should do whatever you can to get your respect as a father from your children. You behave like this that are admirable, honest, and so on so that your children see an ideal father’s image in you and you feel worthy of your appreciation.

Do not let your children worship you and you are not considered innocent. Understand that you too are just a human being and want to do good with them.

  1. Shower Love And Affection On Your Children:

You may think that being a good inspiration is a bit far away, but always is the right thing to do, while its real meaning is that it is so connected to your children, to kiss them, to applying embrace and telling them what they mean for you. Do not let one day go like this when you do not say to them, “I love you”, give your children physical affection and tell them how much they value to you.

Your children want love and affection for a long time, it does not make sense to them what their age is.

Appreciate your children and tell them that without them their life will not be like this stuff.

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Method 4 – Being Wise

  1. Accepting That Your Child Is Not Like You:

Maybe you want your child to take the family business forward, join alma mater like you, or if you are a high school football star, accept it you have to do that your child is a person himself who has his own needs and desires and he may not meet you. Maybe, you think that the way you showed is the only way to get happiness, but as a good father, you have to admit that your child may have a different idea of ​​living life.

It Is Possible-

You think that you are doing the best at your level, by telling your child what they have to do, how to live their lives, but actually you are controlling them and hurting their freedom.

It may take time for you to accept the wishes of your children. If you are not immediately able to understand why your son/ daughter wants to be an artist; and, If you are a doctor yourself, then you have to ask yourself to explain it and take time to listen to it and understand it.

If you try to control your children too much then they will start to feel bad and will not be able to open from you.

Allow your children to be free and open minded and allow yourself to take your own decisions. Maybe, you want him to play baseball; But get them involved in various activities and let them decide what they like most.

  1. Changing Times:

Being A Good Father-

You understand that your child is not growing in the same environment in which you grew up – even if you are growing up at that time. With globalization, with the effect of social media and the effect of changing politics in today’s society, it is likely that your child knows more about today’s problems and changes in today’s society.

Therefore, be aware that things like body piercings, sex before marriage, and travel around the world are now more common than your time. Accept that your kids are the product of present time and may want to explore the world more than you wanted.

It is possible; You feel that you all know how the world will work. But let your children express themselves and let them share their views.

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  1. Accept The Mistakes Of Your Children:

If you want to be a sensible father, then you have to understand that your children are not as untimely as you and they are also to make mistakes. Life is full of mistakes and it gives your children the chance to learn, and you should accept that it is important to learn many lessons – your son’s small car accident, or failure in some exam because he did not study, or he made a silly purchase from his savings.

If you do not allow your children to fail sometimes, they will not learn anything. However, you want to protect them, but letting them make their mistakes will help them make more informed decisions.

You keep your children in proper discipline whenever they make a mistake, but let them play on the same side; you also talk to them about what they did wrong and give them an opportunity to see the error in their own way.

  1. Understand Your Child’s Struggling:

If You Want To Be A Good Father-

You have to be aware that when your child is going through difficult times and you need to be attentive to their needs. Maybe your little daughter is struggling when she does not have a friend because you have come to a new city or maybe your son’s first breakup has been emotionally pushed.

You cannot completely eliminate the child’s emotions or emotional behavior, you should know what is going on in their minds so that you can become more understanding and talk to them when they are struggling.

Just say, “I know you have a hard time, want to talk about this?” Your child will help you understand how much you care about them.

If you are disappointed, you will know that where your children are coming from, you will be helped to understand their behavior.

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  1. Do Not Keep Inappropriate Expectations From Your Children:

The life of a child can be filled with the pressure of the brother, the school children, the teachers, the instructor etc. Help them understand their desires and assess their abilities and limitations. You should help them achieve the set goals. Help them to achieve their full potential, but avoid what you had hoped to achieve or what they achieved in such an authorized form.

  1. Know That The Work Of A Father Is Never Ending:

Never assume that once your children turned 21 years old, or he/she take a college degree, then your task of raising them is over. However, it is important to encourage their children to become financially and emotionally independent, it is also important that they realize that you take care of them and are always available for them and that they are important to you.

Advice/ Suggestions

  • Endurance for things your children have done.
  • Always listen to your children.
  • Always speak to your children and speak about them.
  • Practice her whose example was promoted, do not make excuses for her own actions like “whatever I say, do it, not what I do”.

The aim of disciplining your child is to show them that their behavior is inappropriate and unacceptable. The use of force is not suitable, sometimes it is necessary to achieve the goal without worrying about the age of the child. Other ways, such as keeping the child away from the thing which has the highest value for them, proves to be very effective over time, as well as help in maintaining child’s respect for you as a child’s self esteem and as a parent.

Note: Always Support your children time to time.

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