14 Things You Should Know About Dengue Fever

14 Things You Should Know About Dengue Fever

14 Things You Should Know About Dengue Fever

Know About Dengue Fever- Dengue is spreading faster everywhere in the world, it is spreading mostly in the places which are not cleaned and water stops most of the time. This is mainly noticed in peoples having less immunity power.

Keep your environment neat and clean to protect yourself from this disease. This disease is spread to one person from another person only through mosquitoes.

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Today I am going to share 14 questions with the answer which are related to dengue fever.

Q.1      Which mosquito spreads dengue?

Ans:-   Aedes mosquito transmits virus present in infected person’s blood to another person’s blood through it sting.

Q.2      Where mosquitoes sting most?

Ans:-   It usually sting behind elbow or under the knee.

Q.3      Symptoms of Dengue fever?

Ans:-   Joint or muscle pain, swelling, headache, fever, and tiredness are the main symptoms of dengue fever.

Q.4      How long does it take to cure dengue fever?

Ans:-   Generally it remains for 10-14 days. In the first week of dengue fever, it shows many symptoms from which the person can understand the problem of dengue fever.

Q.5      Who can suffer from this disease?

Ans:-   Anyone can be a victim of dengue fever. So keep your atmosphere clean and spread awareness about it.

Q.6      Which part of the body is affected by this fever?

Ans:-   It affects the brain as well as the digestive system and many other parts of the body attached to it. Patients need proper rest in this condition.

The 1 Week Diet
The 1 Week Diet

Q.7      How doctor treat this fever?

Ans:-   Generally doctors ask patients to take proper rest and drink a lot of water. It is often said that this virus finishes with time.

Q.8      Long time effects of dengue?

Ans:-   Dengue lefts many types of problems like joint pain, weakness etc. Moreover, this weakens the immune system of a person therefore infected person becomes prone to many other diseases easily.

Q.9      Is this fever is communicable?

Ans:-   No, this is not communicable from one person to another. But this is only spread by infected mosquito.

Q.10   Which things we should avoid?

Ans:-   Dengue patients should not eat junk food, oily products, and street foods. Add more fruit and vegetables in your diet.

Q.11   Eat these things.

Ans:-   Add orange, papaya (leaves too), herbal tea, fresh juice, and protein-rich food into your diet.

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Q.12   Which medicines we should avoid in dengue fever?

Ans:-   Painkillers are prescribed to dengue patients. Avoid aspirin and brufen during dengue fever.

Q.13   Care after dengue treatment.

Ans:-   To get better results, perform yoga or exercises daily. Eat protein-rich foods and adopt positive thinking.

Q.14   Can a dengue patient die?

Ans:-   If the patient is not admitted to thehospital on time or he is not treated on time then he can die.

Dengue Fever

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