10 World Most Dangerous Diseases Which Can Kill within 24 Hours

10 World Most Dangerous Diseases Which Can Kill within 24 Hours

10 World Most Dangerous Diseases Which Can Kill within 24 Hours

World Most Dangerous Diseases- If you think that science and medical researchers have discovered cure or treatment of every disease or heart attack is the only disease which causes the death of a person than my dear friend you are totally wrong. There are many other diseases which are irremediable or we can say these diseases cannot cure. And it can cause the death of the patient. Following are some diseases which can cause the death of the victim within 24 hours.

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  1. Dengue Fever is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

This disease is caused by biting of an infected mosquito. Muscle pain, high fever or rashes on our body are some symptoms of dengue. If it is not treated within time then this will finish our blood platelets and blood can start flows from cavities which be very dangerous. 

  1. Ebola Virus is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

No worthwhile cure has been discovered yet and unfortunately, in 70% cases, patient loses the life. It is an infectious disease and is caused by our blood fluids. White blood cells are ruptured and blood flows through patients nose, eyes, and rectum which causes the death of a person.

  1. Bubonic Plague/ Town Plague is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

This is a serious bacterial infection that is transmitted by fleas. Without treatment, it leads to the death of 60% of those people who were suffering from this disease. It takes 1 to 7 days to develop symptoms of bacteria and flu which causes fever, headache, nausea, and vomiting Swollen and painful lymph nodes occurs in the area closet to where the bacteria entered into the skin. 

  1. Enterovirus D68 is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

There is no specific treatment and no vaccine for the disease. It causes respiratory illness. The symptoms of this disease are running nose, sore throat, skin rashes and difficulty in breathing. Since the virus is spread through saliva and phlegm so washing hands in this situation are very important. 

  1. Cholera is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

Drinking contaminated water and eating food without washing hands can infect the person with this problem. A person who is infected with cholera suffering from diarrhea, dehydration, and vomiting. Most children’s are infected from this problem as children’s malnutrition’s and immunity are weaker than young matured peoples. In this problem patient usually lost 1 ltr. Of water per hour in the body. After this blood starts getting thicker and infected person dies in some days. 

  1. Infection of Blood Vessels is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

In this disease, a supply of important proteins and oxygen is blocked in a patient’s body. The patient either dies or he becomes disabled. If the person is not given the treatment within 6-7 hours then the illness turns into incurable disease. Dizziness and tightness in our body are some symptoms. Even if the person is alive after disease then he loses his eyesight or he can lose his eyesight or the patient become dumb too. It can make the person disable or can go in the coma in which patient’s mind works like a normal person. 

  1. Chagas Disease is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

It is a parasitic disease which is transmitted by kissing bugs while sleeping and it attacks the surrounding areas of the face due to which it makes a way for the entry of dangerous parasites through blood vessels which can cause injury to cardiovascular system. Usually, a person does not come to know about this and they become a victim of a heart attack which causes death most of the time. 

  1. Meningococcal Disease is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

It describes infection caused by Neisseria Meningitides bacterium. There are widespread blood infection and inappropriate clotting of blood within the vessels. This leads to petechial rash, severe headache, a person gets irritated when coming in contact with light. Failure of treatment on time results in filling of fluid in lungs and symptoms of gangrene disease can be seen in the body. 

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  1. Necrotizing Diseases is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

It is commonly known as flesh-eating disease and it damages the soft tissues of the human body. Usually, infection occurs in the body due to break in the skin such as a cut or burn and it affects the open wounds of people in the hospital. As soon as bacterium enters and ulcerate wound, it starts destroying body tissues. This is treated with surgery to remove the infected part of the body. Sorry to say but 1 out 3 of the patient dies because of this disease. 

  1. Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus- MRSA is in 10 World Most Dangerous Diseases:-

It begins as a hospital-acquired infection. Methicillin-resistant staphylococcus is a gram-positive bacteria and it enters into lungs through surgical wounds via blood vessels and attack on body tissues which causes infection. After this patient suffers from pneumonia and failure of organ cells which leads patient to death.

These are the most horrible 10 Dangerous Diseases which can kill any victim within 24 hours. Must share this post with your friends, family members, and social media accounts.

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