10 Teen Weight Loss Secrets

10 Teen Weight Loss Secrets

10 Teen Weight Loss Secrets

  • Vitamin D deficiency is also the cause of obesity.
  • Consumption of green vegetables and fruits is beneficial.

Due to a busy lifestyle and impaired eating habits, the problem of obesity is getting serious in adolescents. To reduce obesity, the kidneys should take special care of the diet. Read this article and know about 10 teen weight loss secrets.

Why Does Obesity Growing In Teenagers

Today’s new generation diet has changed considerably. In breakfast and dinner, teens are taking pizzas, burgers, cold drinks, ice cream, pasta, and other junk food. For which reason the problem of obesity in adolescents is increasing.

Obesity in adolescents is increasing today in the whole world. Because of this, the World Health Organization has named this obesity as globesity. Lack of HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol increase in children’s obesity. Due to which heart disease, high blood pressure, and diabetes increase.

Obesity can also cause asthma. Obesity affects the fertility of girls. In some research, it was reported that there is number of miscarriages in women because of obesity. The cause of obesity in adolescents can also be hereditary. The second reason for this is fat-fed diet and all-time alkali mine.

If the growing body of children is based on rust food, then they feel more hungry and eat more food, which increases weight. Even if parents are employed, many times the child cannot get full nutrients, that’s why their weight increases.

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Obesity in adolescents increases rapidly due to changes in sleep habits and eating habits due to this, less than eight hours per day sleep is not good at all for health. According to one study, consumption of high-fat items less and than sleep less than eight hours per day increases obesity in girls faster. So they need changes in their eating habits and need sleep of 8 hours to maintain their health. Due to the increase in sleep time, the habit of eating more is reduced which is good for their health.

In fact, obesity in adolescents increases because of deficiency of vitamin D. If children are given vitamin D from the beginning, then this problem can be overcome to a great extent. The scientists believe that Vitamin D helps in the overall growth.

Spending time in sun cover all the need for vitamin D. Along with the addition of certain items in the diet, children’s body gets Vitamin D as well. Such as dairy products, eggs, fish, and amounts of pulses are also good source of Vitamin D.

Egg is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

An egg is the best meal to be used as a snack. You can lose weight by eating it. The egg is helpful in reducing calories from the body and it provides energy by burning the fat. Due to this, the stomach also feels full for a long time. Also, there is a very abundant protein in the egg, which gives vitamin D to the body and also reduces calcium deficiency.

Oatmeal is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

According to many types of researches, children who eat oatmeal, they study better at school and their concentration is also good. Whole grains like granules and porridge gradually digest, as well as strengthen the metabolism.

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Salad is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

Salad should definitely be in your morning and evening meal. A salad is the best choice if you want to take low calorie and high fiber food. The raw vegetables and fruits used in the salad are antioxidants, natural enzymes, and fibers which help reduce the cholesterol of the body as well as help digestion of food. It also keeps your weight under control.

Pulses is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

Eat the peeled pulses. They contain plenty of protein. In the pulses with protein, there are also folic acid, vitamin A, vitamin B etc. By consuming them daily, the amount of cholesterol in the body is low, which controls your weight.

Fruits is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

Fruits have the highest quality of citrus fruits. Fruits of yellow and orange color contain beta-carotene and antioxidants. Citrus fruits are the main sources of vitamin C, calcium, minerals, fibers, etc. which are useful for the development of the body.

Pectin in the lemon accumulates fat deposited in the body and also slows down the digestive process, which causes hunger to cool even after eating. Along with this, vitamins, iron, and other nutritious ingredients are found in fruits. Children should eat more fruit juice and seasonal fruits. Children can also be fed by making fruit salads like grapes, apples, oranges.

The use of citrus fruits is beneficial in diseases like diabetes, cancer, anemia, cataract, asthma, kidney stones etc. Continuous intake of these fruits also increases the immunity of our body’s immune system. In the diet, which contains vitamin C, they help in burn the fat early and help the body get into shape. These lemons, grapes, berries, and oranges are all very helpful. Vitamin C diets like carrots, leaf cabbage, broccoli, apples, and watermelons etc. are very helpful and contains water in it which helps in reducing weight.


Inside the almonds, good cholesterol and good fats are found which are not bad at all for the body. There is a fiber that makes the body healthy and active by burning fat. As a snack, you should eat a total of 10-15 almonds, which will keep your hunger in control.

Almonds contain nutrients that are very good for the development of the brain. Especially, it is very beneficial for the brains of teenagers. Almonds contain nutrients such as magnesium, copper, and riboflavin, which help to increase the body’s energy. Almond keeps the body fit along with the brain.

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Vegetables is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

Green vegetables like broccoli, leaf cabbage, carrots, and spinach helps in burn fat. If you eat vegetables with yogurt and whole grains, then you will stay healthy and fit. In such cases, tomatoes are also beneficial.

If you want to lose weight, start using tomatoes in your diet right now. Eat spinach, along with iron, calcium, and folic acid, Vitamin A and C are found to be very good for bones and brains. It contains carbohydrates which digest food easily and balances the sugar level. To remove obesity, use honey or jaggery instead of sugar.

Sprouted Grains is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

The amount of nutrients in the grain is doubled in sprouts. Chana, moong, soya bean, peas etc. can be eaten by germination. In the winter season, adding the sprouted grains in breakfast is better for health. Consumption of sprouts do not lead to obesity and the body remains healthy.

Milk and Curd is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

Dairy products contain plenty of protein and calcium. Milk and curd are high in calcium which helps in strengthen the bones and teeth of the children. It also eliminates the stomach’s bad bacteria. To avoid obesity, take a little fat yogurt and eat it after taking a meal. Eat curd in breakfast and lunch but avoid in dinner.

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Water is one of the Teen Weight Loss Secrets

To lose weight it is most important for you that you drink water as much as possible. It reduces hunger and keeps the body moist. Drink hot water half an hour after meals and you will realize how much weight you reduce in a week.

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