Follow These 10 Preaches of Bhagavad Geeta, You Will Never Lose in Life

Follow These 10 Preaches of Bhagavad Geeta, You Will Never Lose in Life

Follow These 10 Preaches of Bhagavad Geeta, You Will Never Lose in Life

Before Start Preaches of Bhagavad Geeta:- I am just a normal common man. I do not have any status or Position writing about this precious Grantha named Bhagavad Geeta. But still, I am trying to write about it. Do forgive me if I write something wrong. Jai Shri Krishna…

Although Bhagavad Geeta is an ingredient of written Trimurti of Eternal Religion. But preaches of Bhagavad Geeta are universal and non-communal. Written in the form of a poem. Geeta presents the complex theory of science in the understandable and simplest form.

From centuries preaches of Bhagavad Geeta have inspired millions of saints, politicians, scientists and common people too.

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Today I am going to share 10 preaches of Bhagavad Geeta which are indexed below:-

  1. Body is Temporary- Soul is Permanent

In this, Lord Krishna compares a human to a piece of cloth. One should not recognize oneself by the body rather should recognize from one’s inside.  Do not get sad by the increase in age and non-curable diseases. The way in which torn cloth is replaced by new clothes, in the same way, a person’s soul holds helps a seeker to get out from limits of the body.

  1. Anger is Reason For Illusion- Be Calm

Due to anger, a person gets confused. After getting confused then person’s mind loses the power of differentiation. This results in losing the capacity of argument. A person who cannot do suitable arguments will definitely be ruined.

So in anyone’s life, the cause of failure is anger. It is one of the doors from three doors of hell. Other two are greed and desire. Everyone should try to keep peace in mind and avoid anger.

  1. Be Normal in Everything- BE Safe From VERY

Lord Krishna says in Bhagavad Geeta that if a person does not make balance in day to day practices then surely the person will be disabling to concentrate. For example, an excess of eating or lack of eating does not make you closer to god.

By meditation, a person can get rid off all sorrows but for this one should eat properly, sleep properly, should do daily to daily practices and should take out some time for entertainment.

  1. Due to Selfishness Intelligence go Pathless- Open It

The in which the mirror full of dirt does not show any image in the same way selfish person’s wisdom goes vaguely. Selfish person due to his behavior cannot experience truth in case of relations in daily life.

Any person whether wants money or success in profession than to avoid doubt and disappointment it is necessary to leave personal agendas.

  1. God is Always With You- Always

Acceptance of this effective truth can make change to a person’s life. Through the medium of every person that supreme power works. By the submission of oneself to god, one can easily get rid of tensions, negative thoughts.

Because a human being is like a puppet to god, therefore, it is vague to regret about past and fear of future. The reorganization of that omnipresent makes your soul and mind in peace.

  1. Don’t Become Shirker- It Is Not Effective

It is not right to run from your duties. You cannot get spiritual intelligence and eternal peace by being far from your family. Although it is not possible to abstain from your duties while living in this world. So it is advised to complete your duties with full loyalty. Without controlling the wandering mind it is vague to sacrifice bodywork.

  1. Patience in Work- Free From Desire of Fruit

Many people do work more than their capacity. This happens due to more happiness and more sadness. Their every word is for getting the reward. For example, if Steve Jobs has not enjoyed the experience of unique designs and spontaneous users then he would not be successful.

If any person does not get affected by success or failure then it has a high probability that he is using full energy in daily work.

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  1. Overcome Your Desires- Experience Peace of Mind

Every thought, feelings, and desire take birth in mind. Without getting control over mind it is not possible to deep seek into yourself. A mind can get into peace in reality when you sacrifice your desires. Like you can see the surface of the ocean when there is no wave in the ocean, in the same way, the secret of mind, a soul can be known only if there is no desire of mind. Peace of mind opens door to intelligence, peace, and warmth.

  1. Do Not Doubt

Doubt on oneself or full truth is a reason for many people’s sorrow. According to Bhagavad Geeta doubtful person cannot live with peace in this world or another world. It is important that this preach should not be mixed with the curiosity which is necessary for every person to find oneself. Although some scholar person.

  1. Do Not Fear

What is the greatest fear of human? Death, It is known to everyone. Lord Krishna told to his friends and disciples that we should not have fear of death. Death is just a transitional phase. Which is permanent, the soul can’t die. Any person whether it is a common man, soldier or politician or any rich man, he should not have fear of losing position, life, money.

Relations, money, and all mundane things are temporary. They are medium of climbing up stairs of life and of recognizing yourself one day. It is not difficult to think that how beautiful life is without fear.

Lord Krishna….

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