10 Foods to Boost Immune System

10 Foods to Boost Immune System

10 Foods to Boost Immune System

To boost the immune system focus on your diet. Fruits and green vegetables boost your immune system. Luckily these immune boosting foods are a reasonable cost!


Vitamin C Helps To Boost Immune System

Fruits, green vegetables, tomatoes, contain Vitamin C.   Vitamin C is helpful in the control of cholesterol in the blood. Vitamin C supports blood-cells which helps strengthen your immune system and are there to fight any type of infection.

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Garlic Helps To Boost Immune System

Garlic has a considerable amount of anti-oxidants. It contains an element which gives the body the power to fight infections and bacteria. Every morning the consumption of two buds of garlic is a great regime to controls high blood pressure and support the broader immune system.  Garlic every day!

Linseed Helps To Boost Immune System

Most of the people are not aware of linseed. Regular consumption of linseed relieves many diseases. Linseed contains omega 3 fatty acids which gives us the ability to fight against many diseases.  There is no better source of omega 3 fatty acids for vegetarians than linseed.

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Turmeric Helps To Boost Immune System

Turmeric purifies blood in the body and is an effective way to improve complexion. Also Tumeric helps fight diseases from cancer to Alzheimer’s. Curcumin in the turmeric reduces blood sugar and regulates diabetes by enhancing the glucose’s metabolism.


Yogurt Helps To Boost Immune System

Bacteria and nutrients of yogurt work as antibiotics for the body as well as increase the ability to fight diseases. Except for milk, yogurt contains many vitamins, so there are proteins, lactose, calcium, iron, phosphorus etc. this is the reason yogurt is more nutritious. Daily consumption of yogurt increases the ability to fight body diseases. 

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Almonds Helps To Boost Immune System

Almonds contain a good amount of Vitamin E which helps increase cells in the body naturally. Eating Almonds increase the number of B-type cells. These cells make antibodies, which destroy harmful bacteria present in the body.

Crab, Oyster, And Red Meat Helps To Boost Immune System

Zinc helps in keeping the hormone balanced in the body, making the skin healthier, protecting the body from infection and increasing the body’s resistance to the disease. Meat eaters can add crab, oyster and red meat to your diet for zinc. Vegetarians are especially prone to zinc deficiency, so take plenty of green leguminous vegetables, whole grains such as beans, chickpeas, and dry fruits to get zinc in your diet.

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Green Leafy Vegetables Helps To Boost Immune System

Green Leafy Vegetables are extremely important in the diet. These powerful plants contain vitamins and minerals in excessive amounts. Iron content, Vitamin-A, Vitamin-B complex, Vitamin-C, calcium, and fiber are in good quantity. These powerful vitamins eliminate free radicals that cause cancer.  Consumption of green leafy vegetables keeps the digestive tract well and stomach clean. To remove constipation, green leafy vegetables i.e. fiber work tremendously.

Green Tea Helps To Boost Immune System

Green Tea contains boatloads of anti-oxidants. It is very beneficial, especially if taken without milk and sugar.  Special Green antioxidants are found in green tea too.  Green antioxidants strengthens the immune system by destroying bacteria in the body. Green tea also helps with cough and colds. Add a small amount of honey to green tea to ease throat problem.

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