Prevent These Dreadful Disease By Getting Regular Eye Checkup

Prevent These Dreadful Disease By Getting Regular Eye Checkup

Prevent These Dreadful Disease By Getting Regular Eye Checkup

Regular Eye Checkup- Nobody can live a normal life without eye sight because it is an important sense of living beings. Therefore we must keep our eyes safe by taking proper care. Nowadays people live a very unhealthy lifestyle. Using computer, phone and many other electronic techniques for a long time can affect our eyes badly.

Generally usage of electronic gadgets pollution, unhealthy diet etc. are the main reason why your eyes hurt after sometimes. Go for regular eye checkup just to confirm whether your eye sight is normal or you are not suffering from any disease.

A survey has shown that by getting eye checkups, we come to know about cancer, heart diseases and many other harmful diseases. Today I am going to share prevention of dreadful diseases by getting regular eye check up.

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  1. Diabetes:-

Regular eye checkup can tell us that there is no blood in retina which can be due to any burst vein. This shows us that we are not a victim of diabetes.

  1. Brain Tumor:-

It is the most deadly type of cancer and more common where there are any uncommon changes and color changes in optical nerve during eye checkups then brain tumor can be detected and this can help in its treatment. White colored circles around cornea can be the symptoms of high cholesterol and high BP which can later result in cardio diseases. So it is good to have Regular Eye Checkup to avoid the brain tumor or any other serious disease.

How diabetes affect your eyes?

When insulin is not produced in enough amount in human beings than there will be a problem of diabetes. This happens when produced insulin does not function properly and person cannot get carbohydrates and sugar as much as he needs.

There are many proper suffering from diabetes in this world. This can also occur in children but it’s rare in them. Normally young and elder people become victim of it. If any person comes to know about diabetes then the person should follow doctor’s advice carefully.

Moreover person must consult an eye specialist time to time. You must be thinking that how diabetes relates with eye doctor? But you are not aware of the fact that diabetes affects our eyes. This can also cause blindness.

  1. Diabetic Retinopathy:-

This is a dangerous eye disease. In this, blood vessels of retina are effected which can cause leakage or blockage of them. This leads to damage of your vision. 

  1. Proliferative Retinopathy:

This is a part of diabetic retinopathy in which unwanted nerve increases. It is of 4 stages in which 3 are non-proliferative but there is also blockage or swelling in a nerve and 4th stage is of proliferative retinopathy in eyes. 

  1. Diabetic Maculopathy:-

It is when macula sustains some form of damage. In this disease all four sided vision is normal but front vision is affected person suffering from this can see everything but is not able to watch the face of another person standing in front of him/her. 

  1. Cataract:-

It is clouding of part or the entire lens inside eye. This clouding interferes with light reaching retina at back of eye resulting in loss of vision. This can be due to much reason but diabetes can be very harmful for eyesight. This disease is mainly in aged people which are treated by laser operation. 

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  1. Glaucoma:-

Diabetic patients are prone to glaucoma. There is problem with flow of fluid within the eye instead of flaring outside. This increases the internal pressure on eyes and damages nerves which affects our vision. 

  1. Less Insight:-

Diabetic patients have a problem in clear and full vision. They cannot see things clearly and therefore they face problems like blurred vision, hurting retina in more light, black spots, lines in eyes and many other problem which can result in flow of blood from eyes and causes loss of vision.

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