6 Tips to Keep Your Face Glowing and Softer

Did You Know These 6 Tips to Keep Your Face Glowing and Softer

Did You Know These 6 Tips to Keep Your Face Glowing and Softer

Face Glowing and Softer- Dust stick to oily and sweaty faces in the rain which cause pimples and red spots on face. By using good skin products you can remain fresh, beautiful and healthy. But how to use them is the point. So, today I am going to share 6 tips about glowing and softer face and skin.

  1. Save your pores of skin from hard oil and don’t forget to clean your oily face. After cleaning use astringent toner on face and then again after few minutes clean the face with fresh cotton. Then add rose water and witch hazel in equal quantity and clean your face and skin. After some time you will see your face and skin starts glowing again.

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  1. If there are spot, pimples and rashes on your face then use medicated soap at least twice a day and wash your face with clean water 4-5 times a day. Use soft cotton clothes to clean face. You can use rose essence as a skin toner which not just clean the face it also maintain the balance of acid alkaline on face and skin.
  1. If there are spots on face then you can use face scrubber but if you have nail, pimples or ulcer on face then do not use scrubber on face. Mix rose water and rice powder and use the paste on your face and do light massage on face for some time. Then after 5 minutes clean your face with fresh water. Do this for atleast 10 days. You will surely get rid of all the spots on face and get your face shine again.
  1. Use good branded shampoo and conditioner on hairs so that the moisture of hairs remains the same. Use best quality hair oils and do massage regularly which make your hairs healthier and stronger.

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  1. Always clean your nails especially in rainy season so that you can be aware from any type of infection and disease. Go for manicure and pedicure occasionally. Clean your hands and feet in antiseptic water so that you remain safe from any type of disease.
  1. Take care of your feet in the monsoon too so that your feet’s can not get infected by fungal infection. Wash your feets properly and use more talcum powder . Wear open footwear in the season of humidity and in hot seasons. By doing this your feet will not suffer from fungal infection.

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