6 Killer Ways To Build Muscles And Excellent Physique Easily

6 Killer Ways To Build Muscles And Excellent Physique Easily

6 Killer Ways To Build Muscles And Excellent Physique Easily

Ways To Build Muscles- Today I am going to share with you the best advice about how to gain muscle quicker by doing below written 6 exercises only. I heard people saying they tried all the things but none of the tricks works for them and I want to tell you that this is the biggest lie that you should stop telling yourself.  Yes, you may have tried couple of exercises but you have to trust me, you just haven’t tried the right things yet.

These are tips I have personally used and I guarantee they will work for you.

You should follow these 6 rules to make killer body:-

Rule No. 1- Create Calorie Deficits:-

Even if you have read so many articles and books, you have collected much knowledge but if you have not known this rule then you do not know anything in case of making good physique and abs.

From the day you start building a good body you should prepare a template and take care that how many calories you are consuming in whole day.

For boys 2400-2600 calories are enough and for girls 1600-200 calories is enough for a day. Keep this thing in mind that from the day start doing exercise you should consume 1/3 of enough calories and in the rest part of diet include proteins. Protein is not present in body and is necessary for body building.

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Rule No. 2- Cardio:-

Till the time you have fat on your body, your abs will not appear. Therefore must include cardio exercise in your daily routine fitness program which is helpful in burning calories which you have consumed. In cardio include exercises like skipping, cycling and fast walking (avoid running/ jogging while gymming, it may lose your body muscles).

Rule No. 3- Diet:-

There are many body builders who do handwork more than needed but do not getting sufficient results. The reason can be not taking proper diet. While building good physique and abs you need to reduce consumption of wheat, rice, potato, sugar, salt and white flour etc., because these contain excess of carbohydrates.

You can take heavy diet in morning, medium diet in afternoon with salad and try to take less diet or fruits only with milk in dinner. These will helps you to make good physique in smart way.

Take more protein in diet. Protein is not accumulated in body and body building is incomplete without protein. Some good supplements and protein shakes are helpful in giving good results. Before consumption of this take advice of expert. Milk, soya, cheese, dry fruits, grains, sprouts, fruits are good source of protein.

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Rule No. 4- Drink Enough Water:-

Drink at least 4-5 liter of water in whole day. It keeps your body system pure which is first step to remain healthy. Sufficient consumption of water leads to no water retention (when you drink less amount of water then to maintain quantity of water, body accumulates it and due to which stomach enlarges) due to which six-pack ads are clearly visible.

Rule No. 5- Recognize Real and Unreal Hunger:-

Whenever you are hungry, you must drink water first. Sometimes due to lack of water in body there is a feeling of hunger so take care that your body needs water or you are really hungry, so that you do not extra food which gives you more calories and then you have to work more to reduce those extra calories.

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Rule No. 6- Stop Concentrating on One part:-

70% new body builders make this mistake. Concentrating on one part of the body which they want to increase or decrease fast then other body parts. It is not true that concentrating on special body part leads to change. If your weight decreases then it will affect every part of the body. Like this if you want to build muscles then you need to do hard work on every part of the body. Moral of the story is that if you want good result and good physique then follows the exercise routine rules. Which help you to make and maintain body in proper way.

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