3 Safety Tips For New Born Babies at Tub Bath Time

3 Safety Tips For New Born Babies at Tub Bath Time

3 Safety Tips For New Born Babies at Tub Bath Time

New Born Babies- After delivery of baby, mother has to be very careful. Watching TV, using mobile phones, strong of kitchen food, dust etc. in front of new born baby can be dangerous for babies health. The most challenging situation is the bath time of new born baby.

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Today I will share 3 points about how you should give bath to new born baby.

  1. First Bath:-

When a baby is born, the body temperature of baby is more than normal therefore doctor also suggests to not to bath your child. When the temperature starts decreasing then you can give your baby a bath. This can take few hours or few days to come normal in temperature.

  1. Ways to Give a Bath:-

You can give a bath to your newborn baby only after umbilical cord stump dries up, falls up and area heals. Before this, you can use a wet cloth to clean your baby. Use of excess of shampoo or soap can be dangerous for your child.

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  1. Bath During 15 to 20 Days:-

During first 15-20 days, give a child only sponge bath. It is most important to take care of child properly in starting days. Wash your hands before giving your child a bath because there is a threat of infection by your hands. So you should aware about this.

Ladies must take these 3 points seriously to have your child safe from any infection or diseases. Do not hesitate to share this post on social accounts.


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