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10 Effective Foods and Tips For Strengthen and Cleaning You Liver

10 Effective Foods and Tips For Strengthen and Cleaning You Liver

Liver is an important part of the body and liver has to healthy and clean always. Immune system works properly when your liver is healthy, clean and clear. Liver helps you from any type of allergy and it also helps to control your weight.

Here we are going to list 10 foods and tips which can make your liver healthy, clean and clear.

If you want to clean your liver from toxins than do fast for atleast 3 times a month in which you just have to eat fruits only not any junk food or any other meal, shake or cold drink, coffee, tea etc. It will remove all toxic from your liver and cleans your liver to make it healthier again.

Drink plenty of water in a day, try to drink 2 glass of water before 30 minutes of taking your meal and drink 2 glass after 45 minutes of your meal. It helps you to maintain your liver healthy.

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Drink fresh fruit and vegetables juice daily or atleast 5 glass per week. Fruits and vegetables are always good for any type of health problem. It will give you all type of vitamins and minerals which your body needs to maintain your health.

Eat oatmeal or cornflakes in breakfast atleast 2 times a week for better body health in all aspects. You can eat brown rice (try to eat boiled rice not salted/fried rice) 2-3 times a week in lunch with curd to maintain health.

Take salad in lunch with food or you can skip your lunch sometimes and eat fruits in lunch, it will give you good amount of fiber, vitamins and minerals. Always eat fresh and organic fruits and vegetables. You can drink fruit or vegetables juice too in lunch but then don’t eat food with it.

Omega-3 is very useful in cleaning liver which you can get from flex seeds, walnuts (apricot) or from fish oil.

Avoid unhealthy foods like non-veg. food, oily food, junk food, cold drinks, too much of tea and coffee also not good for health and liver. You have to control your taste buds from eating these stupid diets which is never ever been good for anyones health. This things surely good in taste but I am also sure it will make your body, mind and soul unhealthy for entire life.

Doctor says 2 glass of wine is good for health but that doesn’t mean you have to drink it. Try to avoid or control your mind and taste to drink less or no drink. Avoid drinking if you are suffering from any type of liver disease. It will make your liver and your life hell. If still want to drink try to drink just 1-2 glass a week. That’s it.

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Overeating is the biggest problem with everyone these days. Too many commercials advertisements on TV, net, newspaper about delicious food, yes their food is delicious no doubt but what about health??? These foods are 0% in health. Avoid overeating because it put immense pressure on your liver and on your complete body. Overeating makes you lazy, fatty, block your mind. So it’s good to eat 80% of what you want to eat in your food.

Chew bites more, yes take more bites of your food make cut your food in more small pieces. Research says normally people chew their food 12-20 times per bite. But if you chew your around 50 times per bite it will make your body healthy and not put pressure on your liver and on other parts of your body. Also when you chew your few bites more then you will eat less food then you eating now also when you chew food more it makes your jaws more stronger and you can get perfect jaw line by eat food more time.

Someone said “Eat Breakfast like KING, Lunch Like Middle Class Person and Dinner Like BEGGER”.. You got the point or not? Eating heavy breakfast means you work whole day at it will digest easily, eat less food in lunch because you have less time to work and dinner like beggar means eat just 10% of your food in dinner or take warm milk or some fruits so that it will digest easily when you sleep. Because you are not doing any activity in sleeping and when you eat heavy dinner it still be in your stomach and it will create stomach problems and fat and next morning you can’t eat heavy breakfast and the cycle goes on which is very dangerous for your health and especially for liver. So it’s good to eat food like the above written quote.

Also, if you feel like liver problem symptoms or symptoms of liver failure, just go soon as possible to doctor and consult your problem and do the necessary tests and treatment o come out from this problem.

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So friends, these were the few suggestion from my side for your good, healthy, clean and clear liver. It is better to think and implement about it now rather than it’s late to think about these.

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